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#BEAF BBQ - Plant Based Food Truck

I am raising $26,000 to buy a food truck. Food trucks usually run $70 - $80k walk in ready. This is a once in a lifetime deal for me.  I need the funds by Jan 1, 2020. Once we get the food truck our mentor, one of the best in the country whom already owns several food trucks will be assisting us in getting everything set up. I started this Plant Based Vegan Meat Alternative manufacturing business “Honest Pastures” with hopes that it will one day fund an Animal Sanctuary, change the mind and hearts of Non-Vegans and along the way fund different Animal Rights / Human Rights programs.  Currently we are partnering with Food Not Bombs to bring food to the less fortunate and to feed our liberation and peace warriors on the street. We also have done numerous fund raisers for animal sanctuaries and different organizations that help homeless children. To help this business grow and to fund more programs that are helping change the world we need this food truck. If we can obtain this food truck with your help it would change the lives of a lot of animals and people, while helping the Earth.

Our vision for the # Beaf BBQ - Food Truck

Homestyle Pulled Beaf BBQ Platters, Jackfruit Beaf Ribz and BBQ Beaf Street Tacos.  Homestyle side dishes, like coleslaw, macaroni salad, potato salad and baked beans.  Using our current manufacturing business in association with the Food Truck it would increase our profit margins and allow us to accomplish our goals. 

A little bit about me

I have been Vegan for 10 years now.  I am also an Animal, Human and Planet Rights Activist. I have been on the front lines using my body to stop semi trucks carrying animals to their death, to marching on the streets in Washington DC for Human Liberation. I have been out in Hurricanes rescuing animals to feeding the homeless on the streets.  I believe in change, and I believe that it only takes one person on a corner to positively change the lives of animals and humans.  I strive to be that change and with your help I can do so much more. 

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Thank you for your time. Any little bit can help. $5 , a share, a tag.... words of encouragement. 
Peace. Love. Compassion. Liberation! 

- Dacia

Donations for our Food Truck Fund

Your support and contributions will enable us to meet our goals and improve the lives of Animals and Humans. Your generous donation will fund our mission. 

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