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Compassionate Food

Compassionate Food

Compassionate FoodCompassionate FoodCompassionate Food

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At Honest Pastures, the well-being of our community is very important to us. With the ever-changing, sometimes overwhelming news about COVID-19 (Coronavirus) I wanted to send out a personal note to explain how I am implementing changes as well as what steps we are taking as a company to ensure your health and safety. 

Our mission at Honest Pastures has always been to make environmentally focused food more delicious, healthy and conscious for our bodies, the animals and the planet. We focus on making our products convenient and accessible to build a healthier community. I am going to share with you our safety standards and some changes that will be coming this week to our delivery process. 

Safety Standards - Food Safety

Safety is our Main priority. We follow sanitary standards and all FDA Food Code regulated requirements. We also follow a stringent protocol of sanitation of all work areas to include our invoicing and shipping areas. To make sure we’re serving our consumers the highest level, we are continually receiving and monitoring updates from health agencies such as the Center for Disease Control and the World Health Organization. 

Local Pick-Up, Delivery and Shipping

Our commitment to delivering safe, high-quality, delicious and healthy products remains unchanged. We’re proud to offer four ways to get your packages: local pick-up by appointment, local delivery by appointment, local farmers markets and shipping nationwide. There will be some changes the coming weeks that are being implemented as we work through these times of concern for personal safety.


Local Pick-Up: we will now be placing products in a cooler outside the front of our location. Products will be placed in a sealed and insulated package with invoice attached. After each local pick-up the cooler and area will be sanitized for the next customer. 

Local Delivery : will be free until the Farmers Markets open back up for business. It will be required that you place a box, cooler or any form of container at the front door. We will not deliver person to person contact. We will be wearing disposable gloves that will be discarded after every local delivery to protect the next customer (for example we may be touching cooler tops, box tops, container areas, etc). We will continue to use the scheduler online for the DATE of delivery only. Time slots will be assigned once all deliveries for the week are organized for lowest fuel consumption. After scheduling your delivery we will rearrange based on mapping and send you an update on time. 

Nationwide Shipping starting 3/13/20 will be FREE. This will run for the next 4 weeks (we will revisit this after 4 weeks for an ongoing program). The free shipping will NOT include a cold shipping package. The cold shipping products cost our company $6.99 which will be charged at checkout. ( Wholesale Accounts do NOT qualify for Free Shipping.) 

During this time of uncertainty, we want you to pick the method that’s safest and most comfortable for you. No matter your choice, we are are working closely with our delivery partners to ensure we take all measures to reduce any exposure risks. 

Honest Pastures provides the foundation for compassionate eating for health, the animals and the planet. I started this company with 100% compassion for all living beings. These values are more important than ever now, and we are happy and proud to serve you. If you have any questions, concerns or thoughts please feel free to reach out to me personally via email at dacia@honestpastures.com , via chat messenger on Facebook/Instagram or by phone (757) 525-1193 

Thank you for your trust, commitment and support.

B. Dacia Thorson

Owner, Honest Pastures  


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